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Post  Poon the Great on Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:05 pm

Is anyone joining yet? except me and rhea..
so we can have a huge community for us!!

Im the admin, I own this place. Razz Rolling Eyes

Rhea's the moderator.
cuz she's the second one here. Laughing

Admins and moderator can delete, edit posts, and whatever.

When you join, you can get your avatars. like my monkey one on the right>>
just click on profile above ^^ and click avatar and choose a picture.
it can be from your computer or google seach it.
if you get it from your computer just press browse and choose the picture.
if you get it from internet, right click on the picture and copy the adress(URL) and paste it in the box.
some file formats will not pass.
oh and the picture can't be too big ok?
or you can go to the avatar gallery and choose a catagory from the drop down list.

OOH and you can PM(private message) someone so others won't see it, just the person you're pming.
just click on the button below the avatar called PM.

that's all for now. lol! Razz
Poon the Great
Poon the Great

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